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Persolit gives prisoners new opportunities

A wide range of initiatives are helping inmates in Danish prisons to be equipped for a life without crime when they are released. One of these initiatives is the opportunity to take part in AMU courses, which qualify prisoners to start work in the construction industry, for example.

This is possible because the Prison Service, High:five, private companies and educational institutions enter into a public-private partnership (PPP). Here, Persolit is one of the companies that has made a big effort and a huge difference in this area.

Our staff have taught technical insulation and scaffolding inside the prison, helping to upskill any inmates who might be interested. This has given the inmates a unique opportunity to be well equipped for the labour market when they come out on the other side.

A former inmate, Mike Knudsen, has told TV Syd about his experience with Persolit and High:five, and how the training has changed his life radically.

Watch Mike tell his personal story here: