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Here is a selection of our previous projects. We offer a wide range of services within, for example, technical insulation, sheet metal cladding and scaffolding, so we can solve a wide range of tasks on many of our projects.

Technical insulation


Our customer ABC Pavilloner A/S, which manufactures prefabricated pavilions and modules, contacted us with a very exciting job.

The company had just delivered modules for two new day care centres in Nuuk in Greenland, and now needed to have ventilation ducts and drain pipes running under the buildings insulated.

The job consisted of insulation and covering with trapezoidal sheets and parallel plates.

Since it is not possible to dig in the subsoil, the pavilions are attached to columns, which are then attached to the subsoil and surrounded by a plinth.

Despite travel restrictions, the somewhat different working environment and sometimes challenging Greenlandic climate, the job was carried out to the great satisfaction of our customer.

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Tombac facade for Nyborg Town Hall

In Nyborg, a major renovation of the buildings in the town centre has been initiated in recent years. Renovation and renewal must take place so that the centre matches the old buildings, but at the same time is given a modern makeover.

At Nyborg Town Hall, the existing glass corridor connection between Nyborg Town Hall and Nyborg Municipality has undergone major renovation. The glass corridor connection has been given new facade cladding made of tombac. The glass corridor connection had to be renovated on the inside and outside, and Persolit was responsible for cladding the facade and ceiling.

Our workshop in Munkebo, which has extensive experience with the manufacture of elements in tombac, was given the task. For this task, we made tombac cassettes, cap profiles and covering profiles for windows and adjacent buildings.

Facade cladding in tombac does not become coated with verdigris and turn green like ordinary copper. Tombac is an alloy of zinc and copper which, in its raw form, looks like brass. The surface will eventually patinate beautifully from weather and wind, turning a warm dark brown shade.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Dreier & Co. and Harrebek Arkitekter A/S.

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Filter housings

We have extensive experience with manufacturing filter housings of various types and sizes. Our filter housings are used in industry, the food industry and hospitals, among other places. Depending on our customers’ specific requirements, the design and construction of the individual filter housing always takes place in close collaboration with the customer.

This job gave our workshop in Munkebo an extra challenge, as the filter housing was a slightly different size than usual. Therefore, it took some extra creativity to solve the task.

The customer’s order was for a filter housing which was to be built as a two-stage housing, where the first part consisted of 16 bolted custom frames. The second part consisted of a standard construction for 16 standard bag filters.

The finished size of the housing was 2500 x 2500 x 1700 mm. Due to this size, we had to use our crane in the workshop to be able to mount the adapter. With the crane we could tip the filter housing in order to get under and get the adapter attached to the filter housing.

Another exciting job which was solved to the great satisfaction of the customer.

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