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Complete covering

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When working in the winter, it is often necessary to completely cover a building to protect it from rain, snow and wind. This covering is typically made from mesh or reinforced plastic, and the degree to which it is sealed is adapted to your needs.

Complete covering of scaffolding

The weather can be a tough opponent when working outdoors, but with a cover suited to the purpose, construction is not disturbed unnecessarily.

Complete covering is a temporary construction with a roof and sides which is set up outside the building. The covering is made of tarpaulin and is built on a scaffolding construction so that it protects the entire building.

If the building site requires heating, the covering can be sealed so that it retains heat. This is necessary if, for example, you are changing the roof of an inhabited residential building in the winter or are working on buildings that cannot withstand cold and moisture. There may also be working environment regulations that require a covering with a stable temperature for prolonged work.

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Covering with a net or reinforced plastic

Coverings of all or parts of the scaffolding are typically made from mesh or reinforced plastic, and which one you choose matters. There are pros and cons to both, so your needs are crucial in determining which to go for. Both nets and reinforced plastic protect buildings from wind and rain, but nets are not as enclosed as plastic. This means that nets are dense enough to keep a lot of rain out, but wind can still get through, so the scaffolding is less wind-sensitive.

Reinforced plastic, on the other hand, is completely wind- and waterproof, so the scaffolding becomes more wind-sensitive. When the properties of the scaffolding are being calculated, it is estimated that a plastic covering is sealed to a degree of approximately 1.0, while a net is at 0.5. Scaffolding must therefore be able to withstand more pressure and suction from the wind with a plastic cover.

Covering with a climate screen

A climate screen is a special type of covering that is mostly used when working around a roof. The climate screen is used on top of facade- and brickwork scaffolding and keeps the area between the roof and the facade dry. The screen protects against both rain and wind, but it covers a small area, and therefore can’t replace a complete covering if the entire building or roof area is to be kept dry.

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