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Persolit’s climate work

- We reduce your CO2 emissions

Technical insulation of industrial plants contributes to achieving Denmark’s climate goals for 2030. Today, far too much energy disappears from pipes, joints and containers at Danish companies, and this is a waste of energy. Therefore, we can identify the potential for energy improvements for companies and document any carbon emission reductions.

Technical insulation - Part of the solution to the climate challenges of the future

Technical insulation is an effective, but overlooked, tool in the fight against climate change. Insulation at utility companies, industrial companies and in the construction of pipes and technical installations therefore plays an important role for Danish companies which want to contribute to achieving the goal of a 70% carbon emission reduction by 2030.

In fact, technical insulation alone can contribute 10% of the EU’s energy efficiency goal for 2030, according to a 2020 study by the European Industrial Insulation Foundation.

Technical insulation can contribute to

CO2 reduction by 2030
0 %
Of the EU's energy efficiency improvement targets for 2030
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Energy improvement of industrial plants

At Persolit, we are experts in technical insulation, and we have more than 80 years of experience. Our expertise and know-how make us one of Denmark’s leading providers of technical insulation and energy improvements. Therefore, we have developed a tool to identify the potential for energy efficiency and carbon emission reductions at Danish industrial companies.

Based on the specific system in question, we identify thermal bridges and areas with large energy losses, and we calculate the total carbon emission  savings to be made by updating the insulation.

If we find an unnecessarily large energy loss in the system, we’ll give you a non-binding offer for updating the insulation and documenting the carbon emission savings.

Contact us for a non-binding chat about the possibilities for energy optimisation at your plant.

Together we reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals

A joint effort is needed to achieve the UN’s 17 Global Goals and Denmark’s goal of emitting 70% less carbon. At Persolit, we work purposefully on the sub-goals 7.3 and 9.4, and we want to help you achieve your climate goals.

That is why we have, among other things, developed our calculation model, which is certified by an independent third party. Together with thermography, the calculation model helps us to identify the potential for energy improvements (sub-goal 7.3) and then retrofit industrial plants and technical installations (sub-goal 9.4) to achieve the most efficient utilisation of energy.

Days to achieve the goal

Our climate performance

Insulation of production systems is outdated

One of the reasons for the lack of technical insulation is that the requirements for technical insulation have not been updated since the 1980s. This means that factories, power plants and other industries throughout the country use an unnecessary high amount of energy to stabilise temperatures in systems and containers, because the insulation is either outdated or completely lacking.

In systems with very high temperatures or refrigeration systems, many tonnes of carbon emission can often be saved by optimising energy consumption – and here insulation plays a crucial role.

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