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We make facades in all types of sheet metal, including aluminium, zinc, copper, tombac and corten. We have extensive experience with facade solutions and can help advise you about the right materials for your construction. If you already have a facade in place and need to cover windows and doors, we produce custom-made profiles that can be fitted on-site.

Custom-made sheets and profiles

We have extensive experience with complete facade contracts, where we supply everything from the constructing underlay to the production and installation of coverings and cladding using, for example, facade cassettes or flat panels. If you do not need an entire facade, we also make window sills, coverings, gutters and other special profiles for a construction. We manufacture custom-made facade cassettes, sheets and profiles in our workshop, so they are ready for installation.

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Jimmy Heide Hansen
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Facade cladding with zinc, aluminium or copper

Our most in-demand materials for facade construction are aluminium, zinc and copper, which are weather-resistant and can be given with different patinations and finishes. Zinc facade cassettes and cladding create a grey facade with clean lines, which suits most environments. Aluminium cladding is typically surface-treated using either paint or anodising. Copper, on the other hand, is known for its warm, reddish-brown colour, which over time becomes coated with verdigris and turns green.

Regardless of your desires for functionality and aesthetics, we can advise on the best choice for your construction. We have experience with many different materials in facade cladding, and we are happy to help you find the right solution.

Facade cladding with corten or tombac

We have recently experienced increasing demand for facades in tombac and corten, which create a more noticeable look than zinc and aluminium. Tombac is an alloy of zinc and 80–90% copper, but it takes significantly longer for tombac to become coated with verdigris than copper. Therefore, it is an obvious material for a facade if you want the warm colour of the copper but do not want the green verdigris.

Corten is a type of steel that quickly rusts on the surface and gives buildings an industrial look. Unlike other types of steel, the corten facade cassettes corrode very slowly under the rust, because the outer layer of rust protects the steel from corrosion. Therefore, the industrial appearance of the facade lasts for many years.

Need guidance?

We are experts in making architectural drawings a reality, and we are happy to help with guidance at all stages of the process to ensure the best result. If you are in doubt about the right choice of material for a facade, we can help find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. A good facade must look good, but also last for many years with minimal maintenance.