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As an apprentice by Persolit you get an education with high professionalism and a focus on quality.

At Persolit we focus on apprentices, and it is important for us to help train the insulators of the future. Therefore, our goal is always to have at least 20 apprentices in training.

As an apprentice with us, you get:

A technical insulator insulates pipes and technical installations for cold, heat, sound and vibration.

A large part of the work is to advise on insulation. Among other things, you will learn how to assess and plan insulation tasks. For example, you must measure and calculate material consumption.

As a technical insulator, you learn to isolate many different places. For example on ships and in refrigeration systems.

As a technical insulator, you work with both head and hands, and you therefore gain an understanding of:
• Combining theory with practice
• Different insulation materials and their properties
• To carry out proper insulation according to regulations
• Calculate energy optimization
• Focus on quality and detail
You get knowledge about materials, methods and energy optimization. The training allows you to work in many different industries and includes both new construction, maintenance and renovation. The training is a combination of school and apprenticeships.
As a trained technical insulator, you can work in many areas. For example:
• Insulation against heat, cold, sound and vibration in buildings
• Fire insulation of hospitals and nursing homes
• Construction of test and sound studios
• Insulation of pipes, containers, boiler and ventilation systems.

Your motivation for the job is the most important thing.

If you already have experience in the construction industry or are in the process of completing the basic training for technical insulators, this is an advantage – but we have room for everyone.

It is important that you want to learn and come to work with a positive attitude. Then we’ll teach you the rest.

As a scaffolding erector, you will help to set up scaffolding for renovations, new constructions and industry. This could be facade, industrial and brickwork scaffolding.

You can also install suspended scaffolding, set up loading towers or carry out other special tasks.

It is also your job to prepare the scaffolding parts and transport them to where they are to be set up. When the job is finished, you will disassemble the parts and take the scaffolding down again.

In the training to be a scaffolding erector, you will learn to set up all types of scaffolding so that it complies with requirements for stability and safety.

You will gain experience with working in teams which independently plan the work of erecting and dismantling the scaffolding.

The training is aimed at both unskilled and skilled workers. You may have experience in the construction industry, but this is not a requirement. The training takes two years.

Among other things, you work with:

• System Scaffolding

• Pipe and clutch scaffolding

• Erection of special scaffolding

• Covering and complete covering scaffolding

• Coordinated scaffolding assembly

Your motivation for the job is the most important thing. However, it is a requirement that you are 18 years old and have a contract with a company such as Persolit Stilladsfirma A/S. It is important that you want to learn and that you come to work with a positive attitude.


You can become a technical insulator at AMU Syd in Kolding.

You can become a scaffolder at AMU Vest in Esbjerg.

The salary follows the applicable collective agreements.

No, it’s not a requirement, but it is an advantage.

The programme takes about 3 years and 9 months, but it depends on the background you come with.

No, the most important thing is that you have the motivation, are good with your hands and have a positive approach to work.

The course of the training

Apprenticeship is a mix between school and practical work at the company. However, the course may vary depending on your background.

Technical insulator

Scaffolding fitter

Are you Persolit's next apprentice?

At Persolit, we are always looking for motivated employees, and we regularly recruit new apprentices to our departments in Jutland, on Funen and Zealand.

Therefore, you can always send us an unsolicited application to become a technical insulator or scaffolding erector.

As an apprentice, it is important to us that you are ready to make an effort both at school and in practice, and that you contribute with a good mood and a positive attitude.

It is also important that you:
  • Like to work with your hands
  • Have good physical health
  • Enjoy working with others

If you match these requirements, and you dream of a career at a nationwide construction company, then please send us an application via the form below.

Need help?

Want to hear more about your opportunities for an apprenticeship at Persolit , or if you have any questions about the application procedure, please feel free to contact us on 65 97 44 50 or


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Become an apprentice at Persolit