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We supply and install insulation and cladding in the marine industry, including fire insulation, sound insulation and insulation of bulkheads for heat and cold. We advise and manage projects from start to finish and can also help with interior fittings, interior design and design. We are used to short deadlines and custom tasks, and we are not afraid of a challenge.

Sound insulation on ships

Ships are often constructed in a way that makes it easy for noise to propagate through the structure. Therefore, we carry out sound insulation against noise to ensure a good working environment and comfort in the ship’s cabins. We have experience with many different solutions and options for sound insulation on ships, and we can advise on materials, baffles and other sound absorbers for the best insulation for your needs.

Contact us

Jan Aagaard
Tel: 63 10 52 41
Mobile: 51 57 28 81

Anders Vestergaard
Tel: 96 32 10 35
Mobile: 20 80 64 17

Insulation pillows and cladding at short notice

Time is crucial in the maritime industry, which is why we produce insulation pillows and sheet metal for cladding at our workshop in Munkebo. Here we can carry out all types of tasks and start production at short notice. Read more here

We can advise on insulation thicknesses and solutions, and we offer measuring and guidance on the use of our digital pillow ordering system. With our laser cutter, we can quickly convert drawings to cutting files, so we can start production shortly after ordering. Then we deliver and install the insulation and cladding and manage the project safely to the finish.

Fire insulation on ships

We carry out all types of fire insulation in the shipping industry, including firestops at pipe, cable and duct lead-ins. We also perform fire insulation of stairwells and access routes to create safe escape routes. We have a long history in the maritime industry, with experience with ship insulation since 1938, so we know all the requirements and rules for fire insulation.

In accordance with SOLAS, we make and install spray shields that prevent oil from any potential leaks coming into contact with hot surfaces. For joints where the oil pressure is at more than 1.8 bar, spray shields or other shielding is required. As it is often necessary to be able to access the area during screening, our spray shields are reusable and can be reassembled according to our instructions.

Insulation of pipes

We carry out all types of insulation of pipes on board ships, including steam pipes, fuel oil pipes, cooling pipes, exhaust pipes and pipes with electric tracing.

We insulate pipes to reduce heat loss, avoid condensation, or stabilise the temperature in the pipe. At very high or low temperatures, we insulate to avoid danger to persons when they are in contact with the pipe, so that the crew can move about the ship safely. Insulation of the ship’s pipes therefore helps to optimise the ship’s energy consumption, reduce the need for maintenance (e.g. in the event of condensation), and avoid personal injury.

Insulation and cladding of scrubbers

We also insulate and clad scrubbers, which cleans the smoke from the exhaust and thus reduces the environmental impact of shipping. Since 1 January 2020 there have been stricter requirements for sulphur emissions, and scrubbers have become part of the standard equipment on many ships.

With a scrubber you can use ordinary fuel and, at the same time, reduce sulphur emissions. The alternative is to use oil with a lower sulphur content, but so far the price of the more environmentally friendly oil is both high and unpredictable. Therefore, there are many indications that scrubbers will become more prevalent in the coming years.

We can work on all types of ships

Our experience and know-how make us an obvious partner in fire-, sound- and comfort insulation, as well as the interior fitting of all types of ships, e.g. merchant ships, cruise ships, ferries, yachts, LNG and LPG ships.

Our many years of collaboration with shipping companies and shipyards means that we have experience with most types of task. We like to make an extra effort to solve a task in the best possible way, and we never turn down a challenge. Call us and we will find a solution.