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We have extensive experience with sheet metal cladding roofs and facades of industrial constructions on e.g. power plants, refineries, and production- and process plants. We are happy to participate from idea to delivery, and to guide the project safely through all phases of construction.

Facade solutions for the industry

Sheet metal cladding in steel and aluminium is made according to project-specific measurements which are customised to the customer’s needs. We typically use profiled sheets such as trapezoidal sheets, sinus sheets, joists in C and Z profiles, high profiles, and sandwich panels in foam and mineral wool, as well as composite sheets such as Alucobond, back wall cassettes, facade cassettes and expanded metal.

Our facade solutions are typically used in warehouses, industrial halls, silos, process plants, and industrial buildings for production plants. In our workshop we produce all sheet metal coverings for the building ourselves, and we can therefore carry out project-specific solutions.

Cladding with sheet metal

Cladding in steel and aluminium, such as trapezoidal sheets and sinus sheets, is easy to form and work with. When a building needs to be sealed quickly, we often use sandwich panels which have integrated insulation and vapour barriers. Sandwich panels are the fast and efficient solution for sealing a building, while sinus and trapezoidal sheets are typically a cheaper and more flexible solution.

The sheet metal is processed in our own workshop, and we can therefore supply and install project-specific coverings and profiles. These are typically profiles for finishing at corners, doors, windows, lead-ins etc., so we can always find a solution that matches your needs.

Most sheet metal is made from pure materials and can therefore be sent for recycling when it has served its purpose. This way, the materials form part of a cycle throughout their long service life.

Construction contracts

For contracts, we can help you from the initial idea stage to the manufacture and installation of the facade. The work is often carried out as closing contracts, which – among other things – may include walls, roofs, fire ventilation, doors and windows. Persolit has many years of experience with project management of this type of project, and we are happy to work closely with the developer.

We carry out contracts throughout the country, where our expertise and know-how in sheet metal cladding contribute to the overall project.

We can help

We are happy to advise on the right material for your construction, so you find the best balance between appearance, price and functionality, including corrosion requirements and service life. If there is a requirement for insulation against heat, cold, sound and/or fire in the sheet metal cladding, we achieve it in accordance with current standards.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions about facade cladding.