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We carry out dimensioning, building, interior fittings and maintenance of offshore residential and production platforms in Denmark and abroad with a focus on technical insulation. We also carry out work on mobile facilities such as drilling rigs, semi-subs, drilling vessels, etc., and we work both on- and offshore.

Fire insulation

Fire insulation is a necessity on drilling platforms and other offshore installations, so we offer all types of fire insulation for housing, pipes, ducts, engine rooms, operator cabins and wellhead areas. We also carry out firestops at pipe-, ventilation duct- and cable lead-ins.

There are many different approved materials for carrying out fire insulation, most of which require the installation to be carried out by fitters with training in the individual types of material.

That’s why Persolit has fitters who are trained to fit the most commonly used types.

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Jan Bælum
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Lars Estrup
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Insulation of pipes

We carry out thermal insulation of pipes to avoid heat loss, frost and personal injury. We use commonly known materials and methods, as well as an insulation product developed by Persolit: Persotherm HT.

Persotherm HT is particularly useful in maritime and offshore areas because it can be fitted by relatively untrained personnel without the use of special tools. Persotherm HT is also distinguished by the fact that in connection with repairs, modification of systems, inspection, etc., it can be removed and subsequently refitted without the use of tools.

Persotherm HT is also used for the insulation of ducts, tanks/containers, technical equipment, etc.

Insulation of ducts

Duct insulation includes insulation and cladding of all types of ducts, such as flue gas ducts, ventilation ducts, etc., with materials such as mineral wool, Persotherm HT and custom-sewn insulation pillows.

Flue gas ducts are typically insulated for safety reasons, i.e. to prevent personal injury, as well as to prevent the ignition of materials close to the flue gas ducts.

Ventilation ducts are typically insulated for thermal reasons and for fire protection.

Insulation pillows

At our tailor shop we make all types of insulation pillows, flex connections, spray shields, sound curtains and curtains. Most insulation pillows are tailored to measurements by our own technicians and fitters, but we also make standard-sized pillows.

Insulation pillows are increasingly used for insulating pipes, ducts, pumps, valves etc., as they are easy to install and remove in connection with maintenance and repairs. The filling and cladding of the pillows depends on the temperature and environment of the item, and we can adapt the materials to many different conditions.


In line with stricter requirements for noise reduction, we have developed effective noise reduction for living rooms, operator cabins, drill cabins, and noise cabinets for enclosing engine generators, compressors, pumps, ducts and the like.

We also install sound control for existing and new living modules with sound absorption panels and sound-stopping panels.

Need guidance?

In short, we can solve many different tasks, and we are happy to help you whereever we can. If you have a particular challenge, call us – we will find a solution.