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Insulation and cladding at Skærbæk Power Plant

From 2014 to 2017, the Skærbæk power plant by Kolding Fjord was under reconstruction, so that today it can run on wood chips instead of natural gas. The plant produces district heating based on biomass for about 60,000 households in the Triangle Region.

Persolit Entreprenørfirma A/S participated in the construction process from August 2015 to May 2020. As the general contractor for the new block building and the auxiliary buildings, we were responsible for the design, delivery and construction of the facade and roof cladding.

Cladding, insulation and closure of the building
For the task, we delivered and assembled approx. 250 tonnes of steel structures and approx. 12,000 m² of facade and roof cladding. The walls and roof were done with trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels with mineral wool. We also did the roofing with roofing felt, incl. insulation on the roofs. As part of the work we also supplied and fitted doors, windows and gates.

We complete the whole job
Because we place great emphasis on producing things ourselves, we produced Z- and C-joists for this project, as well as all covering for the facade and roof, at our workshop in Munkebo.

All scaffolding work was carried out in close collaboration with our sister company Persolit Stilladsfirma A/S.

Tombac facade work at Roskilde Badet

Roskilde Bath has just undergone a major extension. Before the extension of the swimming pool, Roskilde Badet was 2,200 m², with a 25-metre pool and two warm-water pools. After the expansion, Roskilde Badet is now 5,700 m² with two 50-metre pools, two warm-water pools and a wellness/spa area.

Our facade department at Persolit was responsible for the facade cladding on top of a 50-metre basin and a hot-water basin, fascia cladding and capping around virtually the entire building, covering skylights, and putting facade cladding on a ventilation tower.

Before the work on the site could begin, there was the challenge of finding a solution for facade cladding that could be carried out in practice. The solution was a cassette concept in 2.0 mm natural anodised aluminium with concealed mounting. Fascia cladding also needs to be carried out without any visible attachment, and with as small a groove between the sheets as possible. The solution for the fascia cladding was therefore to glue all the sheets up with an approved adhesive system.

The project received great praise from our customer, the architects and the developer. Both our fitters on the site and our people in the workshop delivered a fantastic result which we are extremely proud of.

Tombak facade for Nyborg Town Hall

In Nyborg, a major renovation of the buildings in the town centre has been initiated in recent years. Renovation and renewal must take place so that the centre matches the old buildings, but at the same time is given a modern makeover.

At Nyborg Town Hall, the existing glass corridor connection between Nyborg Town Hall and Nyborg Municipality has undergone major renovation. The glass corridor connection has been given new facade cladding made of tombac. The glass corridor connection had to be renovated on the inside and outside, and Persolit was responsible for cladding the facade and ceiling.

Our workshop in Munkebo, which has extensive experience with the manufacture of elements in tombac, was given the task. For this task, we made tombac cassettes, cap profiles and covering profiles for windows and adjacent buildings.

Facade cladding in tombac does not become coated with verdigris and turn green like ordinary copper. Tombac is an alloy of zinc and copper which, in its raw form, looks like brass. The surface will eventually patinate beautifully from weather and wind, turning a warm dark brown shade.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Dreier & Co. and Harrebek Arkitekter A/S.