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Facade scaffolding

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When working on a building’s facade and roof, we usually use facade scaffolding and roof scaffolding. We can also cover the construction depending on the wind, weather and condition of the building, and we always ensure the safety of the roof with roof protection.

Facade scaffolding for all needs

Facade scaffolding is used for, among other things, the renovation of facades and roofs or the replacement of windows. Our modular scaffolding can be adapted to all needs, and we can create a total solution for your project. A good scaffolding solution is made based on the construction site’s workflows and needs, so that the transport from the ground floor to the work site is as short as possible.

Therefore, access roads and stair towers must be strategically placed in the scaffolding to make the construction as efficient as possible. his also applies to work platforms which act as a storage space for materials. In collaboration with you, we design the best solution so that the scaffolding becomes an efficient work tool and a safe access path. Good scaffolding makes it safe to work at height, but also facilitates the work for you.

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Smaller tasks

For smaller tasks that do not require entire facade of scaffolding, rolling scaffolding might be the solution. Rolling scaffolding is flexible and user-friendly, and it provides a good and solid work platform. Therefore, the scaffolding is good for smaller tasks or as a supplement to modular scaffolding.

Covering and protecting a building

On facade scaffolding, a climate screen or interim closures protects the building from the wind and weather. The building envelope keeps the building dry and warm, and is especially important during the winter months. If a building becomes damp, longer drying times must be expected before the building can be closed. Therefore, a climate screen reduces construction vulnerability and saves you expensive waiting time.

Interim closures protect smaller parts of the building, such as unfinished rooms or holes for windows and doors. Dust, water and other foreign objects are kept out by an interim closure so that individual parts of the building are protected.

Scaffolding for roof and chimney

Roof and chimney scaffolding is used to make work on the roof of a building more accessible, as it makes it easier to get around the chimney. Chimney scaffolding can be double-sided or single-sided, depending on your needs. For example, if a lot of work is going on around a chimney, double-sided scaffolding may be the best solution.

We also make roof protection with roof railings and the option of attachment, which secures tradespeople at height. Roof railings eliminate the risk of falling from the roof, and are therefore an important safety precaution when working at height. We can (e.g.) make roof scaffolding with flat roof railings, which make working close to the edge of a roof safe. We have several different systems for roof scaffolding and roof protection, and we make sure to create the solution that best matches your needs.

Read about access roads to the roof via stair towers here.

Need guidance?

In short, we can solve many different tasks, and we are happy to lend a hand with where we can. If you have a particular challenge, call us – we will find a solution.