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Industrial scaffolding

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We supply all kinds of scaffolding to industry. The scaffolding is built according to individual companies’ needs and possibilities so that it does not interfere with daily operations more than is absolutely necessary. Among other things, we deliver suspended scaffolding, heavy-load scaffolding, environmental scaffolding, pressure and environmental tents, and equipment for rigging work.

Scaffolding for industry

Industrial scaffolding is used for repairs and maintenance at supply and production companies. If you have a special task – or if you don’t quite know what your needs are yet – we will help you find the right solution.

Our industrial stands are typically used in power plants, waste incinerators and manufacturing companies, for example in the food or pharmaceutical industries, and we install both indoor and outdoor solutions.

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Scaffolding for maintenance and audit

Your scaffolding needs depend on your business and the work for which the scaffolding is to be used. Boiler scaffolding or tank scaffolding is used for maintenance and inspection of boilers and tanks. This scaffolding is often round and can be built outside or inside, providing access to all areas of the boiler or tank.

For work that takes place at height, or where scaffolding cannot be built on the ground, we use suspended scaffolding. In industry, suspended scaffolding is often used when ordinary scaffolding would interfere with daily operations, or where the work is so high up that ordinary scaffolding would be unnecessary and costly.

If you are not sure of the extent to which maintenance is needed, we can carry out a drone inspection. This lets us visit hard-to-reach places to assess wear and tear. Then you only need to order materials and scaffolding for the areas that require maintenance.

Tents and environmental scaffolding

We can supply work tents for material storage, so that building materials are protected from the wind and weather and kept dry and warm while the work is going on. The work tent protects against wind and weather, so materials can be stored for longer and don’t have to dry out before they can be used.

Pressure tents are used to control the environment in the work area using either positive or negative pressure. During welding work, a pressure tent with overpressure can keep gases away from the working area on the scaffolding Whereas a tent with negative pressure can keep (for example) dust inside the tent so the rest of the site is kept clean.

Our environmental scaffolding for asbestos removal is fitted with several tent sections, where asbestos residue is gradually removed before the tradesperson leaves the last tent section. This ensures that asbestos dust is treated safely and that the tradesperson is completely free of dust when they leave the work area. After use, the environmental titles are disposed of in landfills.

Hygiene requirements for industrial scaffolding

If your production area has special hygiene requirements, we can supply scaffolding for completely sterile industrial areas such as hospitals and food productions. Our fitters are also trained to work in sterile environments.

Need guidance?

If you have a special job in the industry, do not hesitate to call us. We have not yet come across a task that we could not solve.