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Loading towers

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For aiding storage and distribution of materials during construction, a loading tower can be built adjacent to your main scaffolding. The loading tower makes it easier to access and distribute materials on the scaffolding. For jobs where the ordinary 6 load classes are not enough, heavy-load scaffolding can be erected.

Distribution of materials via tower

Material towers or loading towers are built on the outside of the scaffolding and are used as storage spaces for materials during construction. A material tower is typically located facing the road and with easy access for vehicles so that materials can be unloaded directly on the tower. This way, tradespeople avoid having to move the materials.

A loading tower is also fitted with platforms on the floors where the materials will be used. From here, the materials can be transported to the entire building via the loading tower. Typically, a loading tower is combined with a stair tower or a lift to make access to the scaffolding and materials as easy as possible.

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Heavy load scaffolding

If large quantities of materials – or heavy materials – are to be distributed across larger parts of the scaffolding, it may be necessary to use heavy-load scaffolding. For this, it is not enough for just the loading tower to be a higher load class.

Heavy-load scaffolding is a whole scaffolding which is built to bear greater loads than the typical 6 load classes. Heavy-load scaffolding is built based on calculations of the needs of the individual constructions, so that the scaffolding meets the applicable requirements. This means that materials can be stored and transported safely around the entire scaffolding. We have previously built heavy-load scaffolding with a load capacity of up to 10,000 kg/m2. /m2. Read more

Easy distribution of materials on the scaffolding

By combining a stair tower with a loading tower, you can create a distribution route on the scaffolding so that materials can be moved around easily via the scaffolding instead of through the building. This shortens transport routes and reduces traffic inside the building. Therefore, material transport on the scaffolding is an obvious solution when a building is to be kept in operation during construction, or when indoor construction is completed before outdoor construction.

The loading tower typically has a higher load class than the rest of the scaffolding because the tower has to bear a large amount of heavy materials. Where the load class varies will be marked on the scaffolding so that the scaffolding can be used in a safe manner.

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