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Technical insulation

We carry out technical insulation of pipes and installations for power plants, construction and manufacturing companies
in the food, dairy, chemical and pharmaceuticalindustries.

Tight and durable insulation solutions

We provide technical insulation to many different types of companies and in many industries. Typically for industrial companies in the pharmaceutical industry, food manufacturing and processing, energy sector including power plants, cogeneration plants. Our work covers both facade cladding and insulation of installations including vessels, tanks, chimneys, boilers, water pipes, heating pipes, ventilation ducts and other forms of pipe insulation. We are a technical insulator for commercial customers and one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of technical insulation.

We perform technical insulation of industrial and process plants. Technical insulation of these installations will reduce energy loss, climate impact, CO2 emissions and avoid personal danger, especially at high temperatures. We insulate and maintain many technical installations such as tanks, boilers and chimneys to ensure energy efficiency, as they usually account for much of the energy discharge. In addition, we carry out insulation of piping systems, including steam pipes, cooling pipes, process pipes and more, creating a more stable temperature around the pipes. We cover many different market areas and use only the highest quality materials.

HVAC stands for ‘Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Control’ and is a term for technical insulation and maintenance of ducts and HVAC installations for climate control of buildings. The technical insulation will reduce operating costs and heat losses that occur in heating, ventilation and cooling systems. The purpose of insulating HVAC systems is to create a better indoor climate in the selected building by avoiding energy loss, reducing the possibility of condensation and moisture around the pipes, protecting outdoor installations from the weather and avoiding energy loss to the environment. In addition, we also offer pipe marking and sound insulation of all technical installations. We can also provide dust shielding and reduce the noise level in the building or against the surroundings.

We handle all tasks

We ensure the most optimal solutions based on your and your company’s needs. We source insulation materials and accessories from reputable manufacturers and manufacture all pipes, bends, sheathing and sheet metal fabrication ourselves using modern machinery in our own factory.

We have competitive prices and extensive experience in technical insulation in both industry and HVAC, so we can confidently help you with your project and the insulation task you should face. Whether it’s fire protection, thermal insulation, cooling insulation or something else entirely, you can always contact us for a no obligation consultation on here:

 Tel.: +45 65 97 44 50 or e-mail: