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Person lifts and material hoists

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For the transport of people and materials on the construction site, we have person lift, material hoists
(also called cargo lifts) and wire hoists for all purposes.

Wire hoists

We have wire hoists to suit most needs on a construction site. Our wire hoist can lift between 50 kg and 2 tonnes, and can transport everything from lightweight insulation materials to mortar, windows and doors. With a well-functioning hoist, materials can be delivered to the tradespeople quickly and as needed, so that the work area is kept free.

We are responsible for setting up the hoist on the construction site, and we make sure that safety is in order.

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Jesper Tornvig-Korup
tel: 40 15 01 06

When should you use a material hoist?

It is a requirement to use person lifts and material hoists in places where work takes place for more than two months at a height or depth of 25 metres. However, hoists and lifts are often used (for both people and materials) for much smaller distances, because it saves valuable time during the day and saves tradespeople from heavy lifting.

A person lift and material hoist that ensure efficient transport at height and at depth are typically a good investment if tradespeople often have to move more than 10–15 metres in height during the working day. A material hoist is an excellent idea if you have to transport a lot of materials up and down, because this can be both physically demanding and time consuming.

Person lifts and material hoists

Person lifts and material hoists increase efficiency in the workplace, but it is important to have control over their safety. On each re-installation, the hoist and lift must be inspected by an expert, and the person lift must then be inspected every month.

When a person lift or a person hoist is used with scaffolding, there must generally be a fixed roof. This prevents objects from the scaffolding from hitting people in the hoist or lift, causing a work accident.

Person and material hoists must also be set up securely in relation to the scaffolding so that persons in the hoist and on the scaffolding cannot get caught or otherwise injured.

Need guidance?

Call us and hear more if you need a hoist on the construction site.