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We can do anything - and never say no!

We can solve many different problems on a construction site such as height rescue, rope access, rigging work and the delivery of construction site fences. Our fitters can also be hired as crane drivers and forklift drivers as needed. Contact us and hear more.

We solve your tasks

Do you have uninvited guests on the construction site, or problems with transporting materials, or do you need to move large machines? We supply construction site fences, crane- and forklift drivers, and everything needed for rigging work.

We can secure all scaffolding against theft so that outsiders cannot access scaffolding or – therefore – the building Theft protection is carried out either by covering the scaffolding with boards or by blocking the scaffolding with construction site fences.

Contact us

Main number: 63 10 52 70

Steevan Petersen
tel: 20 42 78 91

Danni Siem
tel: 51 64 84 78

Jesper Tornvig-Korup
tel: 40 15 01 06

Rope access

Rope access is used for work at height where flexibility is important. Often, rope access can replace scaffolding if we can access the work area from above. From the climbing harness, we carry out repairs, identify maintenance needs and carry out jobs that are difficult to access.

Rope access is used, for example, in the wind industry when wind turbine blades need to be inspected, repaired or maintained. Here it is both difficult and unnecessary to set up ordinary scaffolding, and tasks can be solved both less expensively and faster with rope access. Smaller brickwork and painting jobs at height can usually also be solved with ropes, so you completely avoid scaffolding. This makes it easier to detect and repair minor damage before it develops into major problems.

Height rescue

When working on boilers, chimneys and the like, it may be necessary to have a height rescue plan before the work starts. This could be on boilers and chimneys. If you want height rescue, we are on standby during the job and are ready to deploy if necessary. We help the injured person down and we can reach anywhere.

Drone inspection

We do drone inspections of, among other places, construction sites, tanks and boilers, so you know the scope of work before you collect quotes. In other words, you can assess the extent of the problem before embarking on major maintenance or repair work.

If you need to document the work or re-establishment of areas after the work, we can fly over the area with a drone before and after so you have the documentation. You can read more about our drone inspections here.

Need guidance?

In short, we can solve many different problems on the construction site, and we are happy to lend a hand where we can. If you have a particular challenge, call us – we will find a solution.