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Brickwork scaffolding

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Brickwork jobs require scaffolding that can be changed as the building is bricked. Therefore, the scaffolding must be flexible, but it must also be able to handle large amounts of bricks and mortar. Some brickwork jobs require heavy-load scaffolding, but often you can settle for loading towers that carry most of the weight.

Scaffolding for brickwork jobs

Brickwork scaffolding is used for the brick construction of buildings and walls. The scaffolding is raised as the brickwork moves upwards, so that the bricklayer’s working position is always safe and comfortable. Brickwork scaffolding can also be built at full height with scaffolding decks at the top and bottom, so that a roof can be laid while the bricklayer works at the ground. The lower scaffolding deck is also raised as the brickwork progresses.

Since bricks and mortar must be stored and transported around the scaffolding, brickwork scaffolding will typically be in a high load class – at least load class 4. We calculate the required load class based on your needs before we build the scaffolding.

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Covering of brickwork scaffolding

To protect ongoing construction from the weather, the brickwork scaffolding can be covered with mesh or reinforced plastic, which can also be made into a complete covering of the entire construction.

Whether it should be a complete covering or a smaller covering depends on the needs of the building and on the weather. The same applies to the choice of material for the covering – nets and reinforced plastic each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Plastic protects scaffolding the most, but also places greater demands on the strength of the scaffolding, as the plastic makes it more wind-sensitive. Read more about the different types of flashing and total coverage here.

Brickwork scaffolding for heavy weights

In some cases it is necessary to use heavy-load scaffolding for brickwork jobs, if the scaffolding will bear many heavy materials. Heavy-load scaffolding is above the normal 6 load classes, and can be built for all needs.
You can read more about heavy load scaffolding here.

However, in many cases you can just use loading towers of a higher load class than the rest of the scaffolding. The loading tower must be able to carry many bricks and a lot of mortar, but the materials do not have to be distributed on the scaffolding before they are used. Therefore the loading tower carries the greatest weight, while the rest of the scaffolding carries only the materials that are about to be used. This way, the scaffolding is kept free of unnecessary materials and can be built in a lower load class. Read more about charging towers here

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