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In our workshops, we manufacture everything in sheet metal for facades and cladding of industrial insulation and HVAC. The workshops supply materials in sheet metal to our customers, and we can help solve all types of tasks. Our production is flexible and can carry out urgent tasks in a short time, and we can deliver at very short notice.

Sheet metal machining

We service our facade section with facade cladding and profiles. The task is planned in collaboration with the customer, after which the workshop manufactures sheets and profiles according to measurements and drawings. We can quickly convert drawings into cutting files for our fibre laser cutter, so our workshop is characterised by efficient and fast problem solving.

The workshop processes sheet metal materials such as aluminium, aluzinc, stainless steel, galvanised steel and lacquered sheets. Customers’ wishes and needs determine the material, and we can help provide guidance on the materials’ properties to ensure the right weather- and corrosion resistance.

Cladding of pipes, ducts and installations

From the workshop, we service our fitters all over the country with all types of sheet metal cladding. Among other things, we manufacture cladding for pipes, bends, flanges and valves. We are also capable of supplying cladding for tanks, containers and boilers.

For our HVAC section, we manufacture cladding as a finish on insulated ventilation ducts. Here, we typically produce cladding for round and square ventilation ducts, bends, springs, attachments and reductions.

We also supply filter housings according to customers’ wishes in all sizes and designs imaginable.

Own pillow workshop

At our pillow shop, insulation cushions are made according to the customer’s wishes. The pads are installed in power plants, heating stations and pumping stations, where a flexible insulation solution is required. The insulation in the insulation bins, as a rule, is mineral wool or ceramic insulation, depending on the media temperature. The pads are attached and removed, among other things, by hooks or velcro, and are therefore suitable for installations that need to be regularly inspected or maintained.

Get the best solution

Our project managers provide guidance on the best solutions and materials based on the individual insulation task.