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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) is a collective term for ventilation systems and plumbing installations related to climate control in buildings. We carry out technical insulation and cladding of all types of pipes and ducts, in addition to fire seals, pipe marking and sound insulation of installations. Our competent staff will help you with your and your company’s challenges and ensure the best solution by agreement.

Sound insulation of drain pipes and ducts

Wastewater and roof-water pipes within the building envelope can be soundproofed to reduce any noise nuisance from, for example, trickling water from toilets, faucets and shower cubicles. Therefore, good sound insulation helps to create a good living and working environment. Ventilation ducts can also be soundproofed against unwanted noise.

When we install firestops, these also act as sound insulation, avoiding keyhole effects in the construction.

Fire insulation and firestops

We carry out passive fire protection of pipes and ventilation ducts, steel structures, and pipe-, ventilation duct- and cable lead-ins (also called firestops or fire seals).

Steel structures can collapse at very high temperatures, so insulating with rock wool is essential to ensure there is time for rescue in the event of a fire.

Both firestops and fire insulation of ventilation ducts prevent fire and smoke from spreading in the building. For firestops, we use approved firestop systems and live up to requirements for marking/documentation, e.g. photos. Firestops also function as sound-, smoke- and gas stops.

Read about the new requirements for controlling firefighting:
Brochure firefighting

Cladding and marking of HVAC installations

Once the insulation is fitted, we can clad ventilation ducts with cardboard and canvas, paint, or sheet metal, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised or coloured sheet. Pipe installations can also be clad with PVC (Isogeno). If you need to be able to inspect the pipe installations, we install removable jackets or insulation pillows from our own workshop.

We carry out pipe marking in accordance with DS134 or custom requirements to reduce the risk of errors and accidents. Pipes, ducts and components are marked with colours, flow direction and any appropriate text and danger symbols, so that work around pipes can be carried out with the right precautionary measures.

Insulation of (HVAC) ventilation systems and plumbing installations

Proper insulation reduces heat loss and overall operating costs. Therefore, it is important to heat-insulate ducts and pipe installations in buildings so that the heat is distributed efficiently and is not wasted.

Cooling insulation is carried out, for example, on air conditioning systems, where it reduces energy losses and therefore makes a big difference to the system’s energy consumption. Cooling your equipment reduces the temperature difference between the pipe and the environment, so that condensation does not form on or in the pipe. Condensation on the inside or outside of pipes and ducts can create unwanted moisture and thus corrosion. Therefore, proper insulation and corrosion protection are important for optimal operation of the system and ensure a better indoor environment. For condensation insulation we typically use cellular rubber (e.g. Armaflex), HygroWick or mineral wool with vapour barrier.

We'll help you

Persolit carries out insulation of HVAC installations throughout Denmark and abroad. Our expertise and experienced estimators all have a thorough knowledge of the rules and standards within HVAC, and we are always up to date on DS452, DS428, Fire Technical Guide No. 31, EN1366-1, EN1366-3, BIPS descriptions, etc.

If you have questions about HVAC insulation or need advice and guidance, we are ready to help.