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New initiative in Persolit

Persolit Entreprenørfirma A/S, with branches throughout Denmark, has good experience in hiring and training its own employees for technical insulation tasks.

Persolit intends to expand this concept further as a consequence of the difficulties in finding skilled labour.

“In recent years, we have hired a number of unskilled employees at Persolit and trained them in selected areas,” says Per R. Rasmussen, CEO of Persolit. “Our chairmen and experienced employees are good at bringing in new colleagues and learning in selected areas. This can be in the field of insulation of ventilation systems, maintenance tasks at industrial companies or insulation of plumbing installations at large new buildings. We intend to develop this further, as the market is starved for trained technical insulators. We are open to new employees from all sectors. The most important thing is that you are committed, practical and have your hands well screwed on.”

Søren Madsen from Persolit is also very positive about the initiative. “We are very busy and work long hours to keep up with our customers’ needs. So it would be really nice to get more colleagues into the company who want to learn the trade or parts of the trade.”

Persolit Entreprenørfirma A/S is a family-owned Danish company with branches throughout the country and a subsidiary in Lithuania. Persolit employs approximately 400 people with technical insulation as its main focus and with associated scaffolding services. Persolit has built up extensive knowledge and experience in insulation technology and energy renovation for utilities, industrial companies and the construction industry over generations. In addition, Persolit has a modern machine park where everything from thin sheet to facades and cladding for industrial insulation and HVAC is manufactured.

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