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About us


Because of the focus on CO2 emissions and the rising energy prices, insulation as a field is changing rapidly. Persolit is a part of this development, since we constantly develop new solutions in cooperation with our customers.
Persolit's innovation and development is user driven. That means we see new opportunities for our customers' businesses. This mainly takes the shape of energy savings or the use of energy savings subsidies.
Another important criterion for our customers is that repairs and maintenance can be done while facilities are still online. Among other things, this has led us to develop alternatives to spray insulation of turbines, which we estimate saves our customers four days of downtime.
Of course we also adapt our solutions to new regulations and new ideas from our customers. For instance, we have developed new constructions for soundproofing and noise reduction, which has resulted in better work environment and higher productivity among our customers' employees.
Jesper Øland
Adm. Direktør
Phone  63 10 52 01
Mobile  20 80 64 01
Erik Jenlev
Phone  63 10 52 02
Mobile  20 87 67 49